President and CEO

The President and CEO conducts the group’s business and manages the Company operations in accordance with the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act and the instructions and guidelines provided by the Board of Directors. The President and CEO is responsible for informing the Board of Directors regarding the development of the Company’s business and financial situation. The President and CEO prepares the Company´s strategy and objectives for the Board of Directors. The President and CEO is also responsible for implementing the approved strategy and plans. The President and CEO is responsible for ensuring the legal compliance of the Company’s bookkeeping and for arranging reliable asset management. The President and CEO is elected by the Board of Directors.

Hille Korhonen, Lic. Sc. (Tech) has been working as the Company’s President and CEO since June 1, 2017.

Nokian Tyres holdings of the President and CEO and controlled corporations, December 31, 2019


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Hille Korhonen, President & CEO


The Board of Directors decides on the salary, incentives and other benefits of the President and CEO. The remuneration consists of a base salary, fringe benefits, short-term incentive based on annually defined performance criteria and the share-based long-term incentive plans. The total annual base salary for the President and CEO, Hille Korhonen, has been set at EUR 693,240 including fringe benefits such as car and phone benefit. 

The President and CEO’s age of retirement is set by written agreement at 65 years. The pension is determined on the basis of the Employees Pensions Act and a separately defined contribution pension plan taken out by the company. The amount paid in 2019 was EUR 132,048. The President and CEO’s period of notice is 6 months. If the agreement is terminated by the company, the President and CEO is entitled to compensation corresponding to 12 months’ salary and other benefits, in addition to the notice period’s salary.


President and CEO

Hille Korhonen

Hille Korhonen
History in the company

Member of the Board 2006–04/2017 and President and CEO since 06/2017.

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Licentiate of Science (Technology)


President and CEO

Key experience

2013–5/2017 President and CEO, Alko Oy
2008–2012 Vice President, Operations, Fiskars Corporation
2003–2007 Group Director, Operations, Iittala Group
1996–2003 Management duties for logistics, Nokia Corporation
1993–1996 Manager, Logistics and Marketing Development, Outokumpu Copper Plc